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Viruvelil Group of Companies has following divisions/Group Companies

Viruvelil Builders Private Limited
Tecil Marketing and Services
Architecture Division
Construction Division
Consultancy Division
Real Estate Division

Tecil Marketing and Services, first Group Company started functioning from1, September 1988.Chartered Engineer V.H.Thomas, founder of the companies continues to head operations and our professionally managed companies continuously update technology, operations and systems in tune with developments in technology.

Wellbeing of customer is our motto.

We guide our customers using our professional expertise and experience, try to give them the best by technology, services, and always strive to save money of our clients by offering the best at least cost.
Even if you do not know anything about the work to be done or services to be used, you simply do not have to worry. We will guide you with professional care and friendly assistance.

Even if you do not have any one close to you near  work site, we will act as your close relative or friend  and ensure the best for you with our expertise and will keep you informed continuously with modern communication methods on all aspects of work in progress

At Viruvelil, we offer professional services in

House Design

House Construction

Interior and landscape Design

Consultancy for managing your business

Marketing of Industrial products

Marketing Consultancy

Real Estate assistance


Viruvelil Group of Companies

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Your wellbeing, above everything else