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Architectural guidance

Before constructing at least one house every Keralite usually think that all that required for construction of a house are simply these:

  • A person to draw plan of the house following your ideas and suggestions. He should prepare drawings and get local authority approval. Any one charging less is better for such a silly matter
  • An estimate for submission to Bank
  • A contractor who can give lowest square feet rate for full work of the house and hand over of key of the house.

By Architectural guidance we try to teach you that the procedure written above is simply wrong and it will lead you to a house, which will lack everything from quality to structural stability and cost reduction.

We are aware that you know too little about house design and construction and hence we guide you from how to develop concept of a house design till completion of the house up to land scape around house.

Our expertise and experience will help you to get the house with better design, utility, appearance and all the best you can hope for in a house by spending money only with proper justification

Come we will guide you to your dream house, which you and your generations to come can be proud of