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Building a house at native village, town or city is one of the greatest dreams of a Malayalee living and working anywhere in the world

As a Malayalee, you look for these in your dream house

  • A house looking big and good from outside
  • Traditional Kerala architecture features to the extent possible
  • Latest technology with lesser cost for better facilities inside house
  • Maximum space utilisation without wastage of space
  • Latest trends in all aspects of house works
  • Your personal likes and preferences
  • A House you can be proud of and show as a mark of your affluence and achievements in life


Our architectural design is tailored to suit these and other requirements of our clients

We have developed a unique architectural style best suited to Kerala nature and psyche of Keralites and we have directly built more than 200 houses and much more house designs each standing out as a testimony to our architectural excellence in the locality where the house is located

Come feel the difference and get the best house design suited to your surroundings, funds, dreams and hopes.
Look at a few of our completed  and work in progress houses