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We are in the field of construction from 1995 onwards.
Even though we build apartments and commercial buildings also, we specialize in creating your dream house from concept to finish.

We start with our Architecture division preparing most appropriate design for your dream house. Starting with Basic plan of the house, we move on to preparing Estimate using Engineering Estimate methods, preparing drawings for submission to local authority for approval and obtaining building permit.

Our architecture division can give you both two-dimensional and three-dimensional view of the house when completed.

Plan and other drawings can be revised based on discussions with our experts.

Construction of a house is carried out in three parts

Stage1: Construction of structure of house up to plastering

For this, we give detailed Engineering Estimate giving item wise quantity Estimate. For each item, expected quantity of work and unit rates for each item of construction will be given in the Engineering Estimate. This Estimate given before commencement of work will give approximate indication of expected cost for structure of the building.

Just before commencement of each stage of construction, we give Stage Estimate valid for at least one-month giving rates as applicable considering local input cost prevailing at location of construction. Billing will be done with the rates given in Stage Estimate .Any change in input cost during the stage of construction will not change the unit rates given in Stage Estimate.

Billing will be done using actual measurements taken from site. Details of measurement thus taken from site also will be given to you along with each bill for you to cross check and verify at your end.

We collect payment in installments for each stage of construction. Advance payment received before commencement of stage of construction will be settled against billing for the work of that stage and credit or debit for you in the bill raised will be carried forward to the next stage.

Our Architects and structural consultants will carefully design every part of your building using latest Structural Engineering and architectural standards. We will ensure that workers follow all relevant drawings ,design details and instructions of  our experts correctly.

We do not operate on usual square feet cost basis as done by non-professional contractors. Such non professional methods will result in the contractor trying to reduce both material and labour at every stage of construction to increase his profit and construction by such contractors will be done without detailed architectural or structural drawings .They also try to avoid professional supervision and monitoring as it will reduce their profit. By reducing both material and labour used for construction you do not get any reduction in “square feet rate”. However, profit of contractor raises when structural stability of your only dream house is lost or weakened forever. No Engineer can correct mistakes of construction once done after construction work is over.

Stage2: Interior work for house
Interior work for house include the following

  • Electrical wiring

    You need guidance of a good Architect to choose appropriate points of Electrical wiring and how best it can be done with best safe material saving money and obtaining best facilities with latest trend and technology inputs. Deciding on Electrical wiring cannot be simply left to the Electrician however experienced he may be. Here again if you simply give the work on a lump sum contract rate to a wireman, he will try to save both material and labour. He will also avoid several good features you can get with assistance and guidance from a qualified Architect. Contractor will take advantage of your ignorance while a professional will make you aware of what best you can get at the least cost. When contractor may try to use inferior quality material to increase his profit, a professional will suggest you best material and latest technology.

  • Flooring

    Technology changes fast and trends also change. Your Architect can guide you about latest trends, latest technology available and you are free to choose your flooring material considering your likes, tastes and budget with guidance from Architect. Contractor who has taken the work on “square feet rate” will try to give you the worst quality material to increase his profit. The moment you tell that you want a better material he will demand extra charges. This is normally an easy route for the contractor to increase his profit. With many such extras coming in you and contractor will tend to forget the original “square feet rate”

  • Interior woodwork

    It includes many possibilities like Stair case woodwork or steel work, Modular Kitchen, Room cupboards, wooden charupady, wooden flooring etc. Options are many. You need an expert to inform you about latest trends and guide you considering your needs and budget

  • Joinery design and related woodwork

    An architect can give you better design for your doors and windows considering your desires and latest technology inputs. He can guide you on selection depending on your budget.

  • Painting

    Gone are the days when two coats of white cement is applied and painting done later. Now technology has changed a lot on painting. You have to go for anti-fungal white cement based putty work for both interior and exterior walls. Several options like emulsion painting,anti-fungal weather resistant exterior painting and more of such painting styles and trends are available. You need guidance of a good Architect right from painting procedures to selection of paints. A contractor will try to increase his profit here again without bothering about quality or finish

  • Plumbing and sanitary fittings

    Here again technology changes very fast with each new day bringing better material and better facilities. As can be expected contractor will try to increase his profit by suggesting cheaper material and old fashioned or outdated technology. A good Architect can guide you to better facilities, cost saving methods and trouble free performance for years together

  • Wood paneling of walls and special treatments of walls