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Interior wood work

A house requires lot of interior woodwork. Woodwork required changes from time to time with changes in trend and technology. Look at some of the work involved:

  • Modular Kitchen

    Modular Kitchen cabinets are usually done with MDF, which is just a wood substitute. Instead of passing on reduction in cost by using MDF to the customer most of the interior manufacturers uses low quality material and still charge high. So naturally, you require professionals with honesty and commitment to quality. We will guide you and advise you on options available and will directly design and manufacture your modular Kitchen to suit your preferences, hopes and budget with best quality material and labour at reasonable price. We can design and build modular Kitchens not only for houses built by us but also for any other houses or apartments anywhere in Kerala

  • Stair case

    We can design and build your staircase in wood, which will give it unique appearance with carving by hand by our carving experts. You can have it in any wood of your choice. It is also possible to do staircase with steel and glass.

  • Charupady

    It is a traditional feature of Kerala Architecture, which come in chuttu verandah and balcony. We can design and build it for you

  • Cupboards

    We can specifically design and build cupboards in your bedrooms, dining, living and other spaces to suit your space and needs with hand carving if required.

  • Complete interior furniture

    We can also design and build complete interior wooden furniture for your house with or without carving with best quality and features