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Marketing is one area where most manufacturing companies fail to take off. Without effective marketing, however good the product and technological greatness the company will have to close down if not immediately at a later date

Experts in Marketing are not that easy to find.

You can get many to teach on marketing. People who study book after book and talk for hours together on theories and theories on marketing. Nevertheless, when you give him a product or service and tell him to successfully market it all his big talks fail to produce results.

Marketing need results. Not anytime. But now.

We have successfully launched several new products in Kerala market. Worked from concept marketing to establishment of effective channels of distribution

Some of the products launched by us successfully are

1.    WD-40
2.    DCM Toyota trucks
3.    Guardian relays

With over 30 years, hands on experience in Marketing our CEO with postgraduate qualifications in Marketing Management can make that difference to marketing of your product or services.

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