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Remodeling and Renovation

Your old existing house can be made in to a brand new house with professionally guided modifications and remodeling. In some cases, it will be cheaper than demolishing existing structure and building a new house. You may also have sentimental attachment to old existing house preventing you from demolishing the structure.

A site visit by our experts and discussions with you on your needs and hopes for modified house will be the starting point of remodeling and renovation.

We will give you plan for revised house and our professionals will convert your existing house in to a new one with all glory of the old house but with better facilities and appearance. We will retain whatever that can be kept and will change wherever improvements and changes can come it.Some of the possible alterations are

1.    Changing entire wiring and re doing Electricals
2.    Changing/modifying  existing plumbing lines
3.    Changing flooring
4.    Adding modular Kitchen
5.    Changing external appearance
6.    Adding interior wood work
7.    Changing furniture and cupboards