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  • Architectural Services

    For construction of your house or commercial building we can provide following architectural/structural engineering services:

    a)  Preparation of Plan of the building
    b)  Elevations, both two dimensional and three dimensional
    c)  Submission drawings to local authority
    d)  Engineering Estimate specifying cost for each item of work
    e)  Structural Engineering drawings for execution of the work
    f)   Detailed architectural drawings for the work
    g)  Interior design
    h)  Landscape and exterior work details
    i)   Site visits as and when required for guidance and supervision

  • Real estate assistance

    For purchase of land or building in Kerala, we can provide you the following services:

    a)  Locating land or building for purchase with the assistance of our Real estate division ( in and around Cochin only).
    b)  Architectural, structural and legal evaluation of the property to be purchased
    c)  Verification of title documents of the property by legal experts
    d)  Documentation of the property purchase
    e)  Assistance for registration of the property and after registration formalities
    f)   Periodic maintenance of the property if the property is in and around Cochin

  • Construction of the building

    We can take up construction of the building with complete professional care and guidance anywhere in Kerala and outside state(on case to case basis) subject to acceptance of terms and conditions of our construction division directly by using our trained work force, with complete supervision  and guidance by our architects and engineers.

  • Vasthu consultancy

    We can guide you on Vasthu before developing plan of the house and during construction also.
    We can also inspect your existing building for Vasthu compliance and suggest suitable modifications to obtain better Vasthu compliance.

  • Interior design

    We have a team of experienced and qualified Interior designers with complete man power and infrastructure to implement interior work with all the goodness of traditional Kerala Architecture and with modern technology and innovations.

  • Remodeling, Interior and furnishing of your existing building

    Your existing old building can be made new (renovated) with remodeling, interior modifications and furnishings by our experts

  • Land scaping and other services

    Our experts can convert your vacant space into more useful space and enhance its appearance and utility. Land around your house can be converted into more useful space with better appearance and aesthetic look.

Any other services related to your building also can be referred to us.
We have qualified experts with experience in building more than 200 houses in different parts of Kerala and outside state and we have designed and remodeled much more houses.  

Management and Marketing Consultancy

We have qualified, experienced Management professionals with us. Our CEO, Thomas Viruvelil is a Chartered Engineer and MBA with specialisation in both Marketing and Finance Management. He has over 30 years’ experience in working with several Public sector and Private sector companies, industries in different parts of the country in addition to establishing and running our group of companies.

Naturally, any problem related to your business, marketing guidance, financial management can be referred to us for effective consultation and guidance.

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