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Structural design

Do you know that each steel road to be used in your beams, roof slab, sunshades etc. of your house will have to be designed by a structural consultant considering the load conditions and forces acting on that concrete or structural part?

An ordinary concrete or brick mason however experienced he may be simply do not know anything about engineering behind design of structural parts of the building .He simply puts steel roads and concrete mixes and concrete laying as he pleases looking only at easy workability , lesser labour and more profit  for him

A contractor who take up your house construction on square feet rate basis  always try to reduce material cost and labour charges to obtain maximum profit. In the process he knowingly or unknowingly compromises on structural stability of your only dream house of a lifetime

Most probably, you might not have heard of the need for structural design by a qualified structural consultant for structural stability of your house. Contractor and masons working on your house will never tell you about it.Even if you ask them they will tell you not to waste money on those Engineers as “he knows about house construction better than those Engineers”

If you believe this and many more such wrong information given by the contractor to increase his profit and reduce his labour, remember you never get a chance to rectify mistakes during construction. After construction, no Architect or Engineer can correct mistakes.

Our structural consultant with specialisation in structural engineering will carefully design every structural component of your dream house.

We know how important structural stability of your building is. Let your house be designed and built by experts and  definitely not by nonprofessional contractors, motivated only by profit.