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Tecil marketing

Tecil Marketing and Services is our group company formed on 1, September 1988.

Products marketed include the following:

  1. WD-40

WD-40 is a multi-spectrum maintenance product used all over the world by Engineers and technicians. WD-40 Company, San Diego, California, manufactures it.Some of the more than 1000 uses identified for this product are given below:

  1. Rust removal
  2. Rust prevention
  3. Corrosion prevention
  4. Cleaning
  5. As lubricant
  6. As Electrical contact cleaner
  7. As an effective non silicon anti spatter
  8. As a decarboniser
  9. For loosening of nuts and bolts
  10. Cleaning of gas stove knobs
  11. Cleaning of hinges and locks

More details on the product and applications available at

Way back in 1988, we have first launched this product in Kerala industries with concept marketing and the product is now used in almost all factories of Kerala, Automobile workshops and by technicians

Some of other products marketed by us are

       1.   Mould release spray

We market both Silicon and non-silicon Mould release sprays used for plastic moulding to remove moulded parts from moulds by spraying this aerosol spray.

      2.   Electrical contact cleaners, Electronic cleaners and high temperature greases and several other maintenance products for industry

For any specific requirements or application details, clarifications or requirements write to us

      3.   Rustolene, Kleenex and other products of Pidilite

We are open for providing marketing supports for any product to be marketed in Kerala market.

Our CEO,Thomas Viruvelil apart from being a qualified Chartered Engineer is also post graduate in Marketing and Finance Management with over 30 years’ experience in Marketing. We have excellent contacts with almost all industries of Kerala

Write to us for product details or for marketing support in Kerala

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