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Vasthu is not a superstition or a baseless practice by fools.

Our ancestors base it on scientific study and it has basis on polarity of earth and effect of polarity on human behavior. Some portions of the rich knowledge on Vasthu especially why certain effects takes place is lost by not transferring the knowledge to next generations.

Still we have well compiled information on effects of Vasthu factors compiled by experts who studied Vasthu scientifically

Do not get confused by Vasthu as propagated by old Asharis of Kerala who have just bits of information as given by their gurus and many of them spread wrong information on Vasthu

We have experts who studied Vasthu well and we can guide you on all aspects of Vasthu not only for house to be built but also for existing houses. For existing houses, our experts can visit your house to find out Vasthu dosha and suggest remedial actions.

For all houses designed by us we ensure Vasthu compliance to the extent possible